29th Annual Conference for

Family Child Care Professionals

April 23rd, 2022

Session 1

Brandi Heather: Return to Play – You Make All The Difference

Play is this wonderfully universal thing … you can travel anywhere in the world and see people play – all people. It is one of the universal pieces of our shared humanity. You don’t need language to share it or vision to see it. It has its own heartbeat. “In play” is where you are not only enjoying moments but using them to connect to your diverse strengths and talents and the collective strength of others.

Session 2

Brandi Heather: Ramshackle Play: From Ramshackle to Resilient, Reliable and Ready

This workshop ignites the senses and keeps the audience on its toes. Adapted Physical Activity Specialist and Therapeutic Play Specialist Brandi Heather engages the audience with the question…. what if we do not return to play?

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